Call For Papers 2024 (EN)

The Programme Board of IAB Forum 2024 announces a call for papers for the next edition of the most prominent conference on the online industry in Poland. This time the event will take place on May 22 and 23, 2024 in Warsaw.

25 Years of #GenDigital. Maturity and Youth.

Download the brief in PDF or read below:

The world in 1999 was very different than it is now. We connected to the Internet via modem, no one had even heard of smartphones, influencers and social media yet, and the topic of AI was reserved for science fiction creators. It was then, 25 years ago, that IAB Poland was founded, giving birth to the domestic digital marketing industry. Before our eyes, the Internet transformed from a niche medium into a major advertising player, shattering the traditional balance of power in the media mix and overcoming television hegemony.

The 25th anniversary is not only an occasion to celebrate, but more importantly to ask ourselves what we as an industry have achieved over these quarter of a century and what else the future may bring. Revolution or perhaps evolution? Technology in the service of man or its gradual marginalization? One thing we can be sure of – what the digital market will look like in the next decades depends on the young. The digital world is not standing still, but exactly today its shape can be influenced by those who created it over the past 25 years, as well as their young successors.

We invite you to share with the entire business your thoughts related to the IAB Forum 2024 theme: 25 Years of #GenDigital. Maturity and Youth.

  1. Standards, measurability, quality – with what baggage do we enter the next 25 years?
  2. Human at the center or technology at the center? Is there a place for humans in today’s digital world?
  3. Is there still room for emotions in a world based on technology and big data?
  4. Future of work – the need for a sense of meaning in our work, but also the fear of becoming completely redundant because of AI?
  5. Cyber security – can we protect ourselves, our children and the older generation of Silvers from online threats? In this day and age, can we say that this is fully possible at all?
  6. Digital industry accountability – does it really exist? Will we, constipated by KPIs, notice the next Pandora’s Gate or the death of another species?
  7. Digital consumers are changing their expectations of brands, wanting them to take responsibility for their impact on people and the environment. Will brands live up to this?
  8. Is a digital code of ethics necessary? Does it have a chance to realistically reduce undesirable activities?
  9. What will the digital industry focus on in the next 5, 10, 15 years with reference to the generational changes taking place?
  10. What is creativity today? Unlimited imagination or good prompts?
  11. Is it maturity or perhaps still youth. Where are we today as business?
  12. Will DSA and DMA change the picture of the market as we know it?
  13. How will the world change in the post-cookie era?

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Submission procedure, application selection schedule, terms of delivering presentations:

  1. You can send your submissions by February 12 (deadline extended) of the current year. Submissions can be sent through a special online form.
  2. Only submissions sent using a correctly filled out official submission form for IAB Forum 2024 will be taken into consideration.
  3. The content of the submission may not be a copy of the content of the brief.
  4. The expected duration of the presentation to be delivered at the conference is 20 minutes.
  5. The Programme Board/IAB Poland may request that the submissions be specified more precisely.
  6. Speakers are required to work with the Programme Board on the final form of the presentation. Speakers will be required to present/make the final version of the presentation available within a deadline set by the Programme Board.
  7. IAB Poland/the Programme Board will publish the list of speakers by 30.04.2024 at the latest.
  8. IAB Poland/the Programme Board will prepare a list of substitute speakers who will be able to deliver their presentations if the speakers selected at the first stage fail to keep the set deadlines and to abide by the principles of preparing the presentation.
  9. IAB Poland/the Programme Board reserve the right to remove a presentation from the conference agenda if it contains offensive, imitative, self-promotional or sales content.
  10. The presentations will be made available to conference participants. By submitting a presentation, the speaker gives their consent to have the presented material made available to others and to have the content of their speech recorded, and grants IAB Poland the right to disseminate the presented content.
  11. By submitting a presentation, the speaker gives their consent to have their name, surname, photos, and the provided bio-note published. The speaker gives their consent also to undertake jointly agreed marketing activities for IAB Forum.
  12. The speaker will receive a pass issued to their name from IAB Poland, granting them the right to fully participate in IAB Forum 2024.

Share your experience and knowledge — speak at IAB Forum 2024

All marketing and online industry experts wishing to speak at IAB Forum 2023 are encouraged to submit their speech proposals by February 12 (deadline extended).

The speech proposals for IAB Forum 2024 should be submitted in the form of a filled out official submission form.

Submission of speech proposals is free of charge.