Prof. Dr. Marco Gercke zaprasza na Forum IAB 2024

09. maja 2024

Prof. Dr. Marco Gercke – międzynarodowy ekspert, doradca i naukowiec w dziedzinie cyfryzacji i cyberbezpieczeństwa zaprasza na swoje wystąpienie pt. „Trends in Cybersecurity and Cyber-Defence – from Hybrid Threats to High-Risk AI systems.” podczas sesji plenarnej Forum IAB 2024.
To o czym będzie mówił Marco, to jedne z najistotniejszych trendów i megatrendów dotyczących całego środowiska cyfrowego, warto być z nami od początku!

O wystąpieniu:

Megatrends such as Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence have the potential to drive digitalization and impact the economy as well as societies at large. While these technologies have the ability to make a positive change and the focus should be on how they can enhance the future they go along with risks. In an increasing complex technical and geopolitical environment we do not only see increasing quality and quantity of Cyber-attacks but more complexity and a wider usage of the latest technical developments. The presentation provides an inside look into the discussions with global leaders by an globally recognized expert who advises international organizations and decisionmakers on those matters and leads a research institute that involved in the development of highly capable high-risk AI systems.

22 maja, godz. 10:50, Multikino, Złote Tarasy, Warszawa